Chef Testimonials

We are spreading the good news, using our skills to send forth an important message; that food brings people together, soothes the soul, and that it builds and rebuilds community.

[Viviana, Four-time Trip Participant]

I think for the people we worked with, the lasting impact is the message that they are not forgotten… that people care about them…that there is reason to hope.

[Franciso, June 2008]

When I discovered CulinaryCorps, my heart felt validated: there was something I could do to help; there was a way for me to live my dream of being a chef and help those most in need.

[Gary, April 2009]

I realize now that there are opportunities for greatness everywhere.  That in a small amount of time, a few people can make a great impact on many.

[Mick, June 2007]

The CulinaryCorps experience filled my spirit.  It reconfirmed this thing I do – this cooking thing – is a very good thing.  It’s so basic, so primal, so comforting, so needed.

[Irma, June 2008]

I was scared to go on this trip. But I realized that my passion and dedication to food made all the difference.  That armed with only that, I could connect with everyone.

[April, March 2007]

It was probably the most challenging, intense, emotional, and rewarding experience I’ve ever had.

[Deb, December 2007]

The practical help from people like you are what have kept us from falling apart.  Seeing that someone cares is balm for our hearts and spirits; it’s literally priceless. Bless you.

[Mary, New Orleans Resident]

Know that my life was changed when I met you and got involved with CulinaryCorps.  And I will continue to pay it forward.  Someday, I will tell you.

[Sandy, September 2007]


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